Rebecca Maria Wiesmeier

It's me …

“A little insight into my person and passion”

Make a choice

Everything started in 2001, I decided to go the way as a hair and make-up artist.

I quickly realized, I want more.

The world was open, exploring, gathering impressions and accepting challenges. So I decided after my 3 years of training in Kaufbreuren in the Allgäu to continue on the path.

After numerous successful competitions, I went to Austria, Italy and Spain.

There I got to know the culture, the craft and the life from another point of view.

Since my claim has grown more and more, and I realized not just to be a hairdresser, but to become an individual, I realized I have to stand out from the crowd.

The decision was very easy, I went to one of the best hairdressers in Germany, and learned there the technique of “Organic Haircut and Organic Hair Color”

There I chose my way to be different than other hairdressers.


Because I understood that the hair and I are a philosophy.

I want to learn to understand the hair, how does it work. What does it really take to be free and alive?

What makes me different from everyone else? The way to the goal!

Here’s a little insight into my hairdressing world in order to understand and present my work.

What is an exfoliation?

Really clean hair is the basis of our work. Everything starts with an exfoliation. Exfoliation is to your hair what teeth cleaning after many years of coffee is to your smile. It is deeply cleaned, its own power is freed – no more, no less. ORGÆNIC Lifestyle Haircare was created for this. The condition for long-lasting organic haircuts and organic hair colors. And fewer salon visits! This is another way of conserving resources – for real sustainability in hair care.

What is organic hair color?

It is a hair color made just for you.

Organic means here: Suitable for you and your hair quality and therefore logically designed for longevity. The organic hair coloring method brings intermediate tones into your hair. In harmony and in contrast to the color of your eyes and facial skin. Your hair color looks like it has grown – without roots.

What is an organic haircut?

A haircut that is naturally adapted to your type without being forced or pulled, taking into account your hair structure and hair quality. This haircut is committed to an added value in which the cut does not grow out, but GROWS WITH YOU.

Now I’m 37 years young and live in Puerto de Andratx and have fulfilled my long-awaited dream of owning my own hairdressing salon on the most beautiful island there is, Mallorca. I now have the big anniversary on March 06, 2023 of 5 years

“Make a decision” was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Would you like to get to know me even more and you have become a little curious?

Then I look forward to welcoming you to Hair Rebecca Wiesmeier!